The French School has called the village of Winnetka home since 2003. Join our warm and inviting pre-school/kindergarten community, and give your child the gift of a second language.

“Learning multiple languages and about different cultures is something our family truly values and so we have opted for a program that values the same!”

Dolores F.

“French School has been a tremendously positive experience for our daughter and our whole family. Our eldest daughter attended a play-based English preschool in Winnetka that seemed chaotic and devoid of structure. As a result, we sought out a more rigorous program for her and her subsequent siblings. The French School has given our daughter confidence, poise, respect for authority, love of learning, and broadened knowledge of language and culture. An A+ School.”

– Olivia J. 

Our daughter had very little exposure to French prior to the French School, and immediately came home singing songs in French the first day. In just two months, she is using phrases at home and asking how to say things in French. We couldn’t be more elated and proud.
- Amanda B.