French School has been a tremendously positive experience for our daughter and our whole family. Our eldest daughter attended a play-based English preschool in Winnetka that seemed chaotic and devoid of structure. As a result, we sought out a more rigorous program for her and her subsequent siblings. The French School has given our daughter confidence, poise, respect for authority, love of learning, and broadened knowledge of language and culture. An A+ School.
- Olivia J., Winnetka
The French School was the best choice we made for our son. It was important to us to give our son an education in French to prepare him for the 1st grade and the possibility of continuing his education in the French system. After 3 years at the French School, our son is fluent in French, can write in cursive, respects his friends, and loves school. At the French School, children learn good manners, teamwork, respect and discipline. My husband and I find these aspects to be very important to the overall success of a child, and appreciate how the school introduces these skills at an early age. Merci!
- Mila D., Chicago
Thank you for your dedication to this great place and resource to the community. It is truly one of our very favorite things about living in Winnetka.
- Amy C., Winnetka
Our daughter has benefited greatly from the enriching curriculum and social activities at The French School. Coming from a non-French speaking household, our daughter is learning French easily and has developed a wonderfully outgoing and confident personality due in large part to her time spent at the preschool. She can't wait to arrive at The French School each day!
- Christopher & Gulnara P., Highland Park
The French School has exceeded our expectations. I have watched our girls develop fluency, mastery, passion and love for the French language and culture. My newly turned 6-year-old can hold fluent conversations in French with anyone confidently. The school’s global approach to learning has extended my children’s understanding of the world way beyond our borders. In fact, it has made their vocabulary and comprehension of the English language so much more expansive.
- Michelle P., Evanston
As British expatriates in the U.S., we chose to send our daughter to the French School to ensure exposure to a second language at an early age. The French School uniquely provides an intimate, friendly and learning-focused environment where our daughter can learn the French language and culture, while having a positive and gentle first experience of school. As expatriates we are very aware of the need to have an international outlook in the world today. We feel that the French School provides an excellent foundation for young children to become bi- or even trilingual and put them on a path to becoming global citizens. We are extremely fortunate to have such a school on our doorstep.
- Sonali E., Glenview
The French School is outstanding in so many ways: modern, clean facilities; fantastic, nurturing and professional teachers; and helpful and responsible administration. My children have learned and been given an excellent educational foundation. The fact is, there is no better school in the area (I observed and went to every highly-rated preschool) and the icing on the cake is that my children have learned French and speak the language as native speakers. It is so easy for children to learn and absorb languages and this is an excellent opportunity to continue life long learning. Additionally, my children have been exposed to different cultures, food and a way of life different from their own. I am thrilled with the education my children have received from the French School!!
- Betsy L., Northbrook