Internationally inspired residents of Kenilworth recognize the French School as the pre-school/kindergarten of the North Shore. Immersion education provides children with a rigorous academic foundation and the ability to excel in an increasingly global world. Soyez bienvenue and join our exemplary French School community.

“My husband and I were initially uncertain whether or not the fact that we do not speak French would be a disadvantage to our son in a French immersion program.  However, from the first day, the French School has provided a warm and nurturing environment.  Our son has truly enjoyed his teachers, fellow students and the experience of learning a second language.  Our entire family has found the French School experience to be highly beneficial and we would recommend it to all parents of preschool age children.”

– Amber D.

Incroyable! Merveilleux! Fantastique! These words succinctly describe our experience at the French School. Over the course of the three years our son has been enrolled there, he has learned a second language, enjoyed the companionship of his teachers and classmates, and established a great academic foundation that is so important. We highly recommend the school.
- Albert G.