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Family Involvement

At the French School, we understand the need for open communication between staff and parents and we offer a variety of ways for parents to become involved in their child’s learning.  Below are some ways parents can become involved in their child’s journey of learning a new language:


Cercle des Parents

Through our parent association, Le Cercle des Parents (Circle of Parents), we invite all parents to come together and organize fun activities and events for the entire school. Parent are encouraged to participate and bring ideas.


Parent Volunteers

Throughout the school year, we invite parents to come in and volunteer for various events and projects that take place in their child’s classroom. This may include volunteering to bring in treats or decorations for the classroom Halloween or Valentine’s Day party, coming into class and assisting with art or cooking projects, participating in cultural presentations, or reading to the children during story time.


 Parent Observations

At certain times during the school year, we ask that parents come in and observe their child’s class during a regular school day. This gives parents insight into how their children participate and function in a typical day. The administrative staff coordinates directly with parents and teachers to find convenient times for these observations.


 Spring Show

Each year, the French School and Continuing Education students put on a special program for parents, family, and friends during which they perform songs and dances learned throughout the school year. The Grande Section participates in a special graduation ceremony to celebrate completing three years of école maternelle. After the show, the entire French School community meets and mingles during a family-friendly reception while congratulating the children on their accomplishments throughout the school year.


 French Classes for Parents

Embark on a French journey along with your child! We encourage non-French speaking parents to take classes at the French Institute of the North Shore  to join their children in learning French. The opportunity to practice vocabulary and pronunciation with your child is mutually beneficial, reinforcing learning and improving retention. Classes are conveniently scheduled for parents in the mornings, afternoons, evenings and Saturdays for beginning through advanced levels. Can this link open up the FINS website in a new tab?

Thank you for your dedication to this great place and resource to the community. It is truly one of our very favorite things about living in Winnetka.
- Amy C., Winnetka