Evanston residents have been expanding their horizons, and sending their children to the French School since 2003. Give your child the gift of a second language, and join our warm pre-school/kindergarten community of internationally inspired families.

“The French School is a wonderful institution.  Both of my children have attended, and their experience has ameliorated and nurtured their ability to speak French and their interest in French culture.  The teachers at the French School are outstanding instructors, kind, warm, and embracing of our children.  The school is run very professionally with great attention to detail.  It has exceeded my expectations.  It is a true asset to our community and I would highly recommend it.”

– Jacqueline H.

The French School has exceeded our expectations. I have watched our girls develop fluency, mastery, passion and love for the French language and culture. My newly turned 6-year-old can hold fluent conversations in French with anyone confidently. The school’s global approach to learning has extended my children’s understanding of the world way beyond our borders. In fact, it has made their vocabulary and comprehension of the English language so much more expansive.
- Michelle P.