Chez Benoît – a gastronomic journey to Paris

07/01/2019- Blog

Recently, one of our French Institute teachers dined at “Chez Benoît” in Highland Park. Because of her stellar experience and rave review of their classic, French bistrot cuisine, we are hosting our annual Bastille Day celebration here! If you’re looking for a way to celebrate the bleu, blanc, et rouge this July 14th, visit our event page for details.

Here is Laura’s account:

“I had the chance to discover the restaurant “Chez Benoît” during a dinner in the company of my mother, visiting from France. As soon as we entered, the hostess welcomed us with a warm smile and we exchanged a few words in French. 

Within moments, we felt transported to Paris: the paintings on the wall evoked the French capital. The colors soft, the furniture cozy. Our table, decorated with fresh flowers. 

Then, our gastronomic feast began: oysters on the half shell, fois gras served two ways (seared and terrine), poached fish with beurre blanc and steak au poivre served alongside the most exquisitely crisp frites. We enjoyed these dishes accompanied by the perfect glass of French wine, suggested by our knowledgable server. The food menu was seductive in it’s variety, and the wine list was well stocked and included typical French classics such as Sancerre. 

The final, sweet touch to our meal, was the in-house desserts; thoughtfully crafted with subtle flavors. I enjoyed a delightfully rich chocolate mousse cake, and my mother ordered a more delicate cake flavored with orange blossom. Both, trop délicieux!

But the crowning moment of our meal was when chef Benoît came to our table in person, and we were able to thank him for bringing us to France for a couple of hours.”

So for those looking to embark on a gastronomic journey right here in Chicago’s North Shore, visit Chez Benoît in Highland Park. 

Chez Benoît

455 Central Avenue

Highland Park, IL


(847) 266-7878


The Parisian inspired bistro decor.


Steak au poivre with a side of frites.


Decadent chocolate mousse cake.