After six weeks of class at the French Institute, I have learned more than in multiple years of travel. My last trip to Paris was an entirely new experience thanks to my improved language skills.
- William C., Winnetka
The French Institute of the North Shore provides such a fresh and enjoyable approach to learning French. Their method combines cultural content with the most current techniques of language learning so that you don’t just learn the grammar of a language, but you understand and enjoy what you are learning!
- Julia H., Northfield
This is exactly what I was looking for! I really wanted to learn French - to speak it, to understand it, and to completely embrace it in its entirety. As an adult, I am thrilled with the instruction, the format, and the respect given to us as students.
- Bobbi B., Northbrook
I thoroughly enjoy class at the French Institute. It’s wonderful to learn from native French speakers, and to be with fellow lovers of French language and culture.
- Harriet M., Wilmette
My experience has been very positive. I appreciate the fact that my teachers are native French speakers since I did not have that opportunity when I studied French in high school and college.
- Marla L., Highland Park
I need to learn French. And with the French Institute, I love to learn French. It’s the right pace. The appropriate subject matter and a good group of people with common interest.
- Ben C., Highland Park
My husband and I are taking the class together. The instructor is enthusiastic and engaging. We enjoy practicing the lessons at home and plan to reward ourselves with a trip to Paris!
- Kathy, K., Glencoe
I have been studying at the French Institute for several years. I look forward to the interaction I have with fellow students and the teacher. My experiences are always positive, and I am learning a lot. I love my time here — it’s an escape for me.
- Sonali M., Glenview
My experience at the French Institute has been excellent. The quality of instruction is superb, and the teaching style which uses multiple sources of media (slides, cards, props) really helps you learn.
- Christopher P., Evanston