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Group classes $315 (10 weeks, 75 minutes per class).
Prêt-à-Parler enrichment classes $185 (10 weeks, 60 minutes per class).


Please call the French Institute to determine your placement if you have previously studied French.

The teachers make learning French fun and enjoyable.
- Evi S., Glenview

French For Travelers

Consists of one quarter
Dreaming of a coupe of champagne next to the River Seine? Learn the essentials to make your trip to France more enjoyable. Students learn how to comfortably communicate in every day and travel-related situations.

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Level 1

Consists of three consecutive quarters and a summer review.

This beginning course introduces students to the essentials of the French language and culture. Learn practical vocabulary, key verbs in present, immediate future and past tense; how to form questions; and communicate effectively in typical situations encountered by travelers.

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Level 2

Consists of three consecutive quarters and a summer review.

Learn more extensive vocabulary, how to use and distinguish between the past and imperfect tenses. Study the necessary grammar to easily use more complex sentence structures and communicate in a variety
of challenging everyday situations. Interesting cultural topics will also be discussed.

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Level 3

Consists of three consecutive quarters and a summer review.

This level introduces the future, conditional and subjunctive tenses. Increased vocabulary, including more idioms, coupled 
with advanced grammar structure enables students to communicate with greater ease upon completion of this course. Interesting cultural topics will also be discussed.

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Prêt-à-Parler Levels 1, 2, 3

This course is complementary to the group level classes. Students improve their verbal expression and practice using vocabulary, all while reinforcing key points from the group level classes and keeping up to date on happenings in France.

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Level 4 Grammar

Consists of three consecutive quarters and a summer review.

This is a two-year grammar course, ideal for students looking for the next progressive step to perfect their language skills. While Level 4 is different from previous levels, it builds on concepts learned in
Levels 1, 2 and 3. Students acquire complex grammar structures and improve both oral and written expression. A text is required.

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Level 4 Conversation

Taken after completion of, or during, current enrollment in Level 4 Grammar

Using current events and cultural topics, students
will put the grammar concepts learned in Level
4 into practice. This is an intermediate conversation course, designed to
advance students’ listening comprehension, and expand students’ vocabulary and awareness of contemporary French and Francophone culture.

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Level 5 Conversation

Using newspaper and magazine articles and televised news as a starting point for discussion about contemporary French culture, this advanced conversation class expands students’ vocabulary and repertoire 
of idiomatic expressions, improves students’ listening comprehension, and refines verbal expression.

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Levels 5/6 Advanced Grammar

This is an advanced grammar course for students who already have a strong command of the French language and want to fine-tune their speech. This class reviews common mistakes made by English speakers that distinguish them as non-native French speakers. Please note this is not a conversation class, however oral exercises will be used throughout the quarter. A text is required.

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Levels 5/6 Literature

Fall 2019 Selection: La Peau de Chagrin by Honoré de Balzac

La peau de Chagrin by Honoré de Balzac is a novel that tells the story of a young man, Raphaël de Valentin, who discovers a rough untanned piece of animal skin, which has the magical property of granting wishes. However,the fulfillment of the wisher’s desire comes at a cost, after each wish the skin shrinks a little bit but also shortens the life of the wisher. This comédie humaine is at once both a work of incredible realism in the descriptions of Parisian life and culture during the 19th century, but also a work of supernatural fantasy, in the wishes that are fulfilled by the untanned skin. Who will triumph in the confict between desire and longevity?

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Level 6 Conversation

For our most advanced students, this course motivates and challenges skilled speakers to obtain a refined level of linguistic mastery and self-expression. Our instructors tailor this curriculum to the individualized needs and interests of our students, concentrating on current events, history, and culture.

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